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Director Zheng Guoguang called on academician Ma Jin and academician Deng Qidong

2017/10/18 16:34:03

The Spring Festival was approaching. Party Committee Secretary and Director of  China Earthquake Administration (CEA) Zheng Guoguang came to the Institute of Geology to visit academicians Ma Jin and Deng Qidong on the afternoon of January 19 with New Year wishes.

Director Zheng Guoguang came to the offices of the two academicians, respectively, concerned about their health and living conditions, talked about the progress of the scientific research in related fields, and solicited their opinions and suggestions for the work of science and technology in earthquake prevention and disaster reduction.Zheng said, academicians have made great efforts and outstanding contributions tothe development of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude and hope that they will continue to play a leading role, model and mentoring role of science and technology, and actively put forward valuable scientific research ideas to contribute to the progress of the earthquake science and technology.

Director Zheng Guoguang pointed out that in the past year, there were many major events affecting the development of earthquake work, such as the speech of the General Secretary Xi Jinping on the 40th anniversary of the Tangshan earthquake that stressed the ‘two principles’ and ‘three changes’ in earthquake prevention and disaster reduction, and the convening of the Science and Technology Innovation Conference, which raised higher requirements and new challenges to earthquake workers. We should take the "spring breeze" of the National Scientific and Technological Innovation Conference, and actively build a national earthquake innovation system to meet the needs of our country.

Director Zheng Guoguang said, in the new year we will hold the National Conference of Earthquake Science and Technology Innovation, which is an open meeting that will formulate new major projects, promote cooperation with other communities such as  meteorology, oceanology, and petroleum, and appeal to for national support. It was hoped that the academicians could offer suggestions for the major science projects and jointly create a new situation of the development of earthquake science.

Finally, Director Zheng Guoguang requested the academicians to rest assured that the China Earthquake Administration will continue to improve its incentive mechanism for scientific research, stabilize the contingent of personnel, and make the greatest efforts to provide a good environment for the development of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction and technology.

Academicians Ma Jin and Deng Qidong expressed their thanks to Zheng Guoguang and his entourage for their special trip with regards, respectively, and said that they would continue to play a leading role intheir own research fields with full support for the great projects of science and promote earthquake science to scale new heights .

Director Hu Chunfeng, Deputy Director Li Yonglin and section chief director Wang Feng and others of the science and technology division of China Earthquake Administration took part in this visit.