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Director Zheng Guoguang Inspected the Institute of Geology

2017/10/18 16:31:39

In the afternoon of February 15, 2017, Zheng Guoguang, the director of China Earthquake Administration (CEA), came to the Institute of Geology for an inspection. He debriefed the work report, and visited the State Key Laboratory of Earthquake Dynamics and Key Laboratory of Active Tectonics and Volcano, China Earthquake Administration. The companying members included Tang Bao, the director of the Office, Hu Chunfeng, the director of the Department of Science and Technology, and Wu Shouchun, the director of the Department of Development and Finance of CEA.

Firstly, Director Zheng visited discipline units of the State Key Laboratory of Earthquake Dynamics, including the fault mechanics experiment and simulation, high temperature & high pressure rock mechanics, tectonic deformation physical field, high temperature & high pressure petrophysics, neotectonics and OSL-TL chronology, tectono-thermochronology, and Cenozoic tectonics and environmental events. After listening to presentation on the research directions, study tasks and the performance of experimental equipment, he visited the volcanic monitoring networks and the laboratory of the Key Laboratory of Active Tectonics and Volcano, and investigated the systems of database construction, data analysis and collection of active faults. During the investigation, Director Zheng communicated kindly with the scientific staff and the students about their situations of work, study and life.

Then Director Zheng debriefed the work report of the institute. Ma Shengli, the director of the institute, made a presentation on the discipline directions, scientific research, party construction, existing problems and plans on the future development. Ou Yangbiao, the secretary of the Party Committee, gave a complementary report on party construction. Xu Xiwei, the deputy director of the institute, delivered a suggestive repot on the program of the Probing of Seismic Active Tectonics in China Mainland. In the reporting process, concerning the problems of seismic scientific innovations, the construction of a characteristic institute and the talent team, Director Zheng and other directors exchanged their ideas and discussed with the directors, the party committee members, the research directors and the division directors of the institute. Fully affirmed to the work of the institute, Director Zheng said that the institute, having a long history, a solid foundation, outstanding professional features, a strong academic atmosphere and abundant research achievements, will continue to provide a powerful scientific support for the development of the earthquake prevention and disaster reduction.

Director Zheng pointed out that the earthquake science is a young and developing discipline. Because of the limited understanding on the earth’s interiors and the generation process of earthquakes, we should explore persistently. President Xi Jinping delivered the important speeches in Tangshan in July, 2016, which stressed that the new concepts, new strategies and new thoughts should be promoted for the disaster prevention, disaster reduction and disaster response under the new situation. The Central Reform Leading Group approved the “Opinions on Promoting the Mechanism Reform of the System of Disaster Prevention, Disaster Reduction and Disaster Response”, and put forward new requests on earthquake prevention and disaster reduction. The national conference on scientific and technological innovation indicated the second spring of the China scientific community, which shows a development direction for the scientific and technological work. The pace of innovation should be sped up to earlier join the forefront of innovative countries, become a globally scientific power, and realize the Chinese dream. To implement the requests of the Party Central and President Xi Jinping, we would convene a national meeting on seismic scientific and technological innovations. The main purpose of this meeting is to mobilize the internal and external forces of the seismological community, and establish the scientific and talent policies which can help to stimulate the innovation and vitality, according to the demands of the mechanism reform of disaster prevention, disaster reduction and disaster response under the new situation. As an industry institute, the leadership of the institute should canvass opinions from the front-line scientific staff about the seismicscientific and technological innovations. More considerations and explorations should be made, as well as the constructive suggestions to the party organization. Do what we can do to welcome a successful meeting and accelerate the implement of the new policy and measures.         

Director Zheng proposed three definite requests to the development of our institute. The first one is to emphasize the key points of the scientific and technological innovation. Focusing on the construction of the national key laboratory, the main direction and five key tasks, and according to the industrial overall layout, the institute should strive for pioneering and innovation, produce achievements and talents. The second one is pay much attention to the talent-related work. The institute should persevere in an open, flowing, competitive and cooperative operation mechanism; among which, talent competition is the key point. It is necessary to use major programs to promote the team construction, enhance academic influence, stabilize and attract talents and build the talent growth platforms. The third one is that we should pay attention to the cooperation and exchange, strengthen cooperation with the institutes both inside and outside the system, learn from each other and develop together. He wished that the institute could take full use of their own advantages to become the top-class scientific institution with important international impact.

Zheng emphasized that the party committee of the institute should strictly implement the requirements of the “Guiding Principles of Political Life within the Party under the New Situation” and “Communist Party Internal Supervision Regulations”, earnestly carry on the responsibility of strict party management, create a positive environment, and guarantee the development of scientific research, according to the new requirements of comprehensive strict party management put forward on the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee.

On behalf of the institute, Director Ma expressed sincere thanks to Director Zheng for his affirmation and encouragement, and he said that the institute would earnestly implement the deployment of CEA. In accordance with the Directo Zhen's request, the institute would also make every effort to promote the scientific and technological system reform and seismic scientific and technological innovations, and strive to do well in the scientific and technological supporting work for earthquake prevention and disaster reduction.