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Get Close to Earthquake Science, Reduce the Risk of Campus Disaster

2017/10/18 16:30:46

In order to publicize popular earthquake sciences, at the invitation of the teachers and students of Primary School Attached to Beihang University, researcher Dong Ruishu of our institute went to the school to present a wonderful report titled “Get Close to Earthquake Science” to class 4 Grade 3 students on the afternoon of May 26.

Dong introduced to students in simple language how to know earthquakes, how to face earthquakes and how to deal with earthquakes through a variety of image metaphors and vivid descriptions. During the lecture, she also asked some interesting questions from time to time to check how much students understand earthquakes, and also inspired students to think earthquake issues by applying their own knowledge. The students put up their hands with enthusiasm and vied with each other to express their ideas. A warm and interactive atmosphere ran through the report process.Students expressed their opinions, such as squatting in the triangular space next to the desk to protect head and keeping nose and mouth open when an earthquake occurs. Dong praised their active demonstration and standard action and told the students must listen to the teachers’ commands, aid and communal timely and should not be around their teacher blindly which can cause the delay of optimal escape timing during the earthquake using three real examples from the 2018 Wenchuan earthquake. Before the end of her lecture, Dong sincerely hoped the students could study hard and enjoy science and the nature. She expected the students to join earthquake research and explore the mysteries of the earth when they grow up. In the end, they rehearsed how to quickly leave the classrooms when an earthquake attacks. Dong commanded in place and the students moved quickly and organized and effectively completed the evacuation.

In order to enhance the students’ awareness of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction, Dong and her assistants prepared students with the earthquake science knowledge pamphlets. After the report, students took a group photo with Dong to mark the occasion. The teachers and parents representatives of Primary School Attached to Beihang University expressed great thanks to Researcher Dong Ruishu for her vivid and wonderful lecture and hoped to have more opportunities to attend such activities.