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Institute of Geology hosted the 2017 Planning Meeting of the Earthquake Thermal Infrared Working Group

2017/10/18 16:29:57

On February 24, 2017, the Institute of Geology of China Earthquake Administration hosted the 2017 Plan meeting of the Earthquake Thermal Infrared Working Group.The meetingwas convened in accordance with the requirements of the Department of Earthquake Monitoring and Prediction of China Earthquake Administration on the “Practical Work Plan for Automatic Extraction of Thermal Infrared Anomalies” and the decomposition arrangements of the 2017 work plan.Deputy Director of the Institute, Professor Shan Xinjian,and Professor Jiang Hanchao, the Director of the Department of Science and Technology Development of the institute, attended the meeting. A total of more than ten experts and young researchers from Sichuan Earthquake Agency, Gansu Earthquake Agency, Xinjiang Earthquake Agency, Institute of Earthquake Sciences, China Earthquake Networks Center and China University of Petroleum (East China) participated in the meeting.

Participants formed consensuses in the following aspects, including the 2017 annual work plans of the Earthquake Thermal Infrared Working Group, task divisions, major earthquake tracking, research directions of Earthquake Thermal Infrared and application to scientific projects. Beyond the meeting, the Earthquake Thermal Infrared Working Group also provided an important platform for researchers of the earthquake thermal infrared team to communicate and learn from each other.The meeting was rich in content. Participants also discussed and communicated in depth. Moreover, the atmosphere of the seminar was relaxed and active. All these features provided important guarantees for the smooth implementation of the 2017 plan of the Earthquake Thermal Infrared Working Group.