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Institute of Geology held meeting of experience exchange on how to apply for National Natural Science Foundation

2017/10/18 15:46:14

The application for the National Natural Science Foundation of China in 2017 has been officially launched. In order to help the researchers to write high-quality project proposals, the Division of Science and Technology Development held a meeting on February 28 in the lecture hall. Researchers Shan Xinjian, Chen Jie, and Xu Jiandong and more than 50 people attended the meeting for experience exchange and discussion on writing project proposals.

At the meeting, Shan Xinjian first analyzed the application situation issued by the Natural Science Foundation of China in 2016.Then, he took the Yutian earthquake as an example, systematically explained the writing method of the project application, from idea of innovative research to proposal writing, covering the significance of the study and background, and scientific issues raised. Finally, he also stressed that details need to receive attention in the process of writing the application.

Chen Jie collected information on the application of the Fund, combined with his own experience, introduced how to prepare a good fund application, and took an application which is praised by the project reviewers as an example, explained where you need to focus on writing in the application and reminded researchers of some of the details that may affect the final result but are easily overlooked.

In addition, Xu Jiandong, in his capacity as a project reviewer, briefed the researchers on the content and details of the reviewers who are most concerned about when reviewing the project applications, and encouraged researchers to strengthen the focus of the application section as far as possible to avoid some points easy to ignore.

The listeners made notes and interacted with the experts on their concerns or questions. Finally, Director of the Division of Science and Technology Development Jiang Hanchao summarized some of the key contents and key issues of this meeting, and encouraged the researchers to further improve the quality of project applications and wished everybody gains in the application of this year.