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Institute of Geology signed an Agreement of Scientific and Technological Cooperation with Guangdong Earthquake Agency

2017/10/18 15:45:23

Director of Institute of Geology Ma Shengli and director of Guangdong Earthquake Agency Huang Jiantao signed an agreement of scientific and technological cooperation in Guangzhou on June 5, 2017. Under the principles of complementary advantages, resource sharing, results-oriented and synergistic development, both sides would give full play to their advantages and cooperate in the research on the geodynamic evolution of coastal fault zones, the construction and application of the satellite microwave remote sensing system, the sharing of observation and experiment equipment and cultivation of talents.

Participants in the signing ceremony included the director of Guangdong Earthquake Agency Huang Jiantao, deputy directors of the Agency Lv Jinshui and He Xiaoling, director of Science and Technology Division Yu Yanbo, director of Forecasting Center Deng Zhihui, director of Agency Office Jia Qinghua, director of Institute of Geology Ma Shengli, deputy director of Institute of Geology Shan Xinjian, director of Technology and Development Division Jiang Hanchao and director of Finance Division Chen Guoqiang.

After the signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement, academic exchange activity was carried out. Director Ma introduced the general situation and research directions of the institute and gave a lecture titled “The physical and mechanical properties and earthquake mechanism of the Longmenshan fault zone”. Deputy director Shan also gave a speech with the title “Observational techniques for crustal deformation and expression of seismic fault information”.