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National Conference of Earthquake Science and Technology Innovation held in Beijing

2017/10/18 15:37:53

To carry out a series of policies scientific and technological innovation and disaster prevention and disaster reduction of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, sum up progress during the 12th Five - Year Plan of earthquake science and technology, exchange typical experiences, and deploy national seismic science and technology innovation work, June 7 to 8, the National Conference on Earthquake Science and Technology Innovation was held in Beijing. This meeting was jointly hosted by China Earthquake Administration (CEA), Ministry of Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering and National Natural Science Foundation.

Party Group Secretary and Director of CEA Zheng Guoguang read the written comment of leadership of the State Council, and made a report titled “Adhere to innovation and development of extensive cohesion efforts to create a new situation of China's earthquake science and technology innovation work”. The meeting issued the file of China Earthquake Administration Party Group on accelerating the innovation of seismic science and technology, decided to initiate the National Earthquake Science and Technology Innovation Project.


The meeting commended 12 scientific and technical workers who had made outstanding contributions since the 12th Five Year Plan.Our researchers  Academician Zhang Peizhen, Prof. Liu Qiyuan and Prof. Xu Xiwei were honored.

Zhao Heping, Deputy Director of CEA, introduced the National Earthquake Science and Technology Innovation Project. The General Assembly invited the expert of the Ministry of Finance to interpret the national science and technology funding management reform policy, also invited the Natural Science Foundation, Deputy Director of the Department of Science Chai Yucheng, Zhong Denghua academicians Ma Jin and Chen Yong and Researcher Wu Zhongliang to give special reports on recent progress of geology, earthquake engineering test system, fault sub-instability research and development, underground lighting program, and seismic science data sharing.

Before the meeting, delegates visited the earthquake science and technology exhibition. The four items of achievements of our institute, “Identification of sub - instability stage of earthquakes”, “Late Cenozoic tectonic deformation and evolution in the northeastern margin of the Tibetan Plateau”, “Deformation Model of the Eastern Tibet Plateau: Transverse Faults and Lower Crustal Flows, and Probing Seismic Active Faults in the Southern Section of the North-south Seismic Belt of China” were shown at the exhibition. In addition, the presentations on State Key Laboratory of Earthquake Dynamics and Key Laboratory of Active Tectonics and Volcanology based on our institute, as well as cultivation of young talents in earthquake science and technology in our institute also appeared at the exhibition.

Representatives in total over 250 attended the meeting, who were, addition to the hosting instituions, from the CPC Central Committee, the State Council, Armed Forces, Armed Police, universities, research institutes, associations, enterprises and the Science and Technology Committee of CEA, and representatives of the national earthquake system. Of our institute, Director Ma Shengli, Party Secretary Ouyang Biao, academicians Ma jin, Deng Qidong, and Zhang Peizhen, Researchers Liu Qiyuan Xu Xiwei, and Nie Gaozhong participated the conference.