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Get Close to Earthquake Science and Lower Disaster Risk – One of the Publicity Activities for Earthquake Prevention and Disaster Reduction

2016/12/29 15:26:50

2016 is the 8th year of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction. The theme of the publicity activity of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction this year is “reduce disaster risk and build safe cities”. As one of the earthquake prevention and disaster reduction activities this year, at the invitation of the teachers and students of Beijing Peiyu Primary School, and under the thoughtful arrangement of related leaders of IGL, the scientific and technological application department of IGL invited Researcher Dong Ruishu of IGL to the school to present a wonderful report titled “Get Close to Earthquake Science” to Grade-3 students on the afternoon of April 14.

In order to publicize popular earthquake sciences to teenagers and children in a simple and effective way, Teacher Dong introduced to students in simple language how to know earthquakes and how to deal with earthquakes. During the teaching, he also asked some interesting questions from time to time to check how much students knew earthquake knowledge, and also inspired students to think earthquake issues by applying their own knowledge. The students put up their hands with enthusiasm and vied with each other to express their ideas. A warm and interactive atmosphere ran through the report process, deeply impressing students and teachers. It is particularly noteworthy that teacher Dong also discussed with students about which shelter was nearest the school, how to cope with a great earthquake and what details students should pay attention to. The students thought deeply while carefully listening to the teaching, and put forth various creative ideas. Before the end of his lecture, teacher Dong sincerely hoped the students could study hard and love science and the nature. He expected the students to join earthquake research team and explore the mysteries of the earth with him when they grow up.

After the meeting, the students all expressed they learnt a lot of knowledge on earthquake from this activity. The teachers of Beijing Peixin Primary expressed great thanks to the leaders of IGL for attaching importance to publicity of popular earthquake sciences, thanked Researcher Dong Ruishu for his vivid and wonderful lecture, and expressed they would bring publicity of popular earthquake sciences to the campus and to the life of primary and secondary students.