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Ms6.7 Earthquake Hit Akto, Xinjiang and IGL Initiated Level-3 Emergency Response

2016/12/29 15:20:41

At 22: 24 November 25, 2016 Beijing Time, Ms6.7 earthquake struck Akto County, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region  (N39.27°, E74.04°), with a focal depth of 10km. According to the Earthquake Contingency Plan of CEA Institute of Geology, IGL leaders attached great importance to this event, made timely deployment and initiated level-III earthquake emergency response.

The discipline teams took action in time and emergency products of seismic science and technology were submitted to related departments in time. Researcher Li Zhiqiang of IGL went the seismic area with the field emergency workgroup assigned by CEA on the morning of November 26 to assist local government carrying out earthquake relief work.

The experts of IGL discussed the earthquake in time. Researcher Chen Jie has done research in epicentral areas and published his achievements in the recent years. According to preliminary analysis, it is believed that the seismogenic structure is Muji Fault at the northern end of Kongur Extensional System. The 90km long NWW Muji Fault  is a dextro strike-slip fault active in Holocene Epoch.