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IGL held the 7th Editorial Board Meeting of Seismology and Geology

2016/12/29 15:14:40

On October 9, 2016, the 7th Editorial Board Meeting of Seismology and Geology was held in CEA Institute of Geology. The meeting was presided over by Director Ma Shengli of CEA Institute of Geology, the organizer of Seismology and Geology. More than 40 experts of the Editorial Board including Honorary Chief Editor Academician Ma Jin, Chief Editor Academician Deng Qidong, and Editorial Board Member Academician Shi Yaolin and related staffs of the editorial board attended the meeting.

Director Ma Shengli on behalf of the organizer of the journal firstly summarized the main achievements of the former editorial board of Seismology and Geology, introduced the recruitment principle of the 7th editorial board and the expert composition of the editorial board, expressed sincere thanks to the new and former editorial boards for their vigorous support to the work of the journal and issued letters of appointment of honorary chief editor and chief editor of the 7th board director to Academician Ma Jin and Academician Deng Qidong. Afterwards, Wan Yuan, a staff of the editorial board reported the recent work progress and future work vision of the journal to the attending experts.

Chief Editor Academician Deng Qidong made a keynote speech. He expressed that Seismology and Geology has always stuck to a correct journal running policy over the past more than 30 years. Particularly after occurrence of “May 12” Wenchuan Earthquake, the editorial board efficiently completed the contribution solicitation of three issues in time and raised academic influence of the journal. The journal was recorded by American Engineering Index (EI) in 2013. As a chief editor of the new editorial board, he deeply feels the heavy responsibilities and will make joint efforts with all members of the editorial board and strive to run the journal even better. He pointed out that in order to maintain and raise academic influence of the journal, we must further improve manuscript quality and ensure every issue has core papers and reflects scientific innovation. We can run the journal better and better only through constant innovation. He suggested CEA Institute of Geology as the organizer of the journal has the necessity to take appropriate measures and guide and encourage scientific research personnel of IGL to contribute high-level scientific papers to Seismology and Geology with priority to promote healthy development of the journal.

The attendees discussed the orientation, characteristics, operation, existing problems and future work emphasis of Seismology and Geology. The attending experts contributed ideas and pointed out a direction for proper run of the journal. The editorial board members  unanimously expressed they would earnestly perform the duties of editorial board members, recommend excellent manuscripts and raise the quality of the journal through concerted efforts under the leadership of Chief Editorial Academician Deng Qidong.