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IGL Carried out Disaster Prevention and Reduction Day Campaign

2016/12/29 15:10:02

May 12, 2016 is China’s eighth “Disaster Prevention and Reduction Day”. According to the unified arrangement and requirements of CEA, IGL carried out the “Disaster Prevention and Reduction Day” campaign this year. The publicity theme is: “Reduce disaster risk and build safe cities”.

At 9:00 am, at conference room 301 of IGL, Researcher Liu Jing, Researcher He Honglin and Researcher Nie Gaozhong introduced the profile of State Key Laboratory of Earthquake Dynamics, research progress of faults and earthquakes, and emergency rescue work concerned by the public to more than 30 postgraduates from the Department of Geoscience, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. The students thought actively, spoke with enthusiasm and raised various scientific questions relevant with earthquakes. The three teachers answered in details their questions and ardently expected young students could join China’s cause of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction after graduation.

After the seminar, the postgraduates of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences visited State Key Laboratory of Earthquake Dynamics and Key Laboratory of Active Tectonics and Volcano of IGL. The laboratory personnel showed the students around the research units. During the visit, laboratory teachers not only gave elaborate introduction by referring to display boards and their scientific research projects but also demonstrated the operation of some instruments and equipment. During the visit, students showed great interest, raised questions enthusiastically and undertook practical operation. Some interested students even initiatively proposed to continue to maintain further exchange with the staffs after the visit. The whole “Disaster Prevention and Reduction Day” campaign highlighted the theme and achieved the expected effect.

After the campaign, people took a group photo at the entrance of IGL to mark the occasion. This campaign not only enhanced students’ understanding on research of earthquake science, made many students pay attention to and show interest in earthquake cause, also provided an opportunity for integrating theory with practice, and broadened their horizon of scientific research.