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IGL Held Training of High-Performance Cloud Computing Technology

2016/12/29 15:07:50

On June 23~25, Information Center held 3-day training of high-performance cloud computing technology. This training caters for original super computer users and cultivation of high-performance computing users. Nearly 40 teachers and students attended the training and technical exchange. The application of super computers used to be concentrated in the fields of solid geophysics, active tectonics and crustal deformation. This time, a number of teachers and students from tectonophysics and neotectonic chronology laboratories also came for learning and exchange. People showed great interest in the operating environment and program optimization of the system.

IGL established the first earthquake disaster situation and earthquake dynamic simulation data service system centering on high-performance cluster computing in 2008. This system is used by scientific researchers in research of earthquake science and other relevant fields to carry out scientific research and simulation experiment. In the use period, according to the operating condition of the system and actual business demand, the architecture of the system was adjusted in 2012. The business areas were divided again, the network topology was adjusted, storage space was increased and Chess-3.0 cluster management software was deployed.

At present, the super computer system of IGL has undertaken computing tasks of more than 20 NSFC-funded projects, National Science and Technology Major Projects, specific projects of seismological industry and director fund projects, and completed plentiful digital image processing and computing, and three-dimensional forward and inversion simulation computing. In 2014~2015, results and data were obtained by using a high-performance cluster computing platform and 13 papers were published in JGR, Geophysical Research Letters and other periodicals.

Following the increase of super computer resource use demand of IGL in quantity and operation scale, the hardware and architecture of the original system no longer meet various demands of users. Therefore, the Information Center began to establish a high-performance cloud computing platform under the support of the planning and finance department this April. This platform now has been deployed and is in a stage of user program debugging and testing.

This high-performance cloud computing platform mainly comprises a cloud controller, login nodes, cloud computing resource nodes, distributed cloud storage, an Infiniband high-speed network and a Gbps network.