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The Institute of Geology Held the 2016 Training Class for Volcano Monitoring Technology

2016/12/29 15:00:23

Since Chinese volcano monitoring network was established and operated in the “10th Five-Year” period, volcano monitoring theory and technology have become urgent need of monitoring personnel of every organization. In order to raise the scientific and technological level of the volcano monitoring team of IGL and give scope to the efficiency of the volcano station network in a better way,  on September 12~16, 2016, under the entrustment of CEA Monitoring and Forecasting Department, “volcano monitoring technology training class” organized by CEA Institute of Geology and co-organized by  Heilongjiang Earthquake Administration was held in Jingpo Lake Monitoring Station, Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang  Province. 41 key staffs engaged in volcano monitoring and management from CEA Monitoring and Forecasting Department, Heilongjiang Earthquake Administration, Jilin Earthquake Administration, Yunnan Earthquake Administration, Hainan Earthquake Administration, Guangxi Earthquake Administration, Institute of Geophysics, Second Monitoring Center, Institute of Geology and other organizations attended the meeting and discussed current volcano monitoring and early warning technology and other key issues in China.

The content of this training covers  the basic theories and practical skills in such aspects as volcanic earthquake monitoring technology, volcano deformation monitoring technology, volcanic fluid geochemical monitoring technology and volcanic remote sensing monitoring technology. Particularly, the training put forth the preliminary methods for volcano monitoring data quality control and appraisal of China on the basis of summarizing and analyzing current volcano monitoring data, and played a positive role in promoting quality appraisal of Chinese volcano monitoring data.

During the initial preparatory process of the training class, CEA Monitoring and Forecasting Department, Heilongjiang Earthquake Administration, Institute of Geology and other related departments and leaders provided active assistance. The Research Room of Active Volcano, IGL meticulously planned and arranged the training content. As a result, the training class came to a successful conclusion. Researcher Wu Jianping, Researcher Wang Qingliang, Researcher Zhao Ziping, Researcher Gao Xiaoqi, Senior Engineer Huang Guohua , Associate Researcher Dai Guanghui. Associate Researcher Ji Lingyun, Senior Engineer Ma Baojun and other teachers earnestly prepared the lessons and presented wonderful lessons. All students attended the class with enthusiasm and benefited a lot.

A Volcano Training Class was Opened

Training on volcano monitoring technology