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IGL Took an Active Part in 2016 National Earthquake Emergency Command System Emergency Response and Service Assurance Drill

2016/12/29 14:56:54

In order to raise the emergency response and service assurance ability of the earthquake emergency command system and strengthen post-earthquake emergency response, analysis, judgment, output service, technical assurance and other emergency disposal work, a 2016 emergency response and service assurance drill of national earthquake emergency command system  was held on September 13 according to the requirements of CEA. IGL actively attended this drill.

Deputy Director Shan Xinjian made overall deployment of the drill work. All departments cooperated with each other and made active preparation. After obtaining seismogenic parameters from the drill in Gansu at 8: 30 September 13, the earthquake disaster quick assessment group, seismic structure and seismogenic structure group, GPS infrared analysis group, landslide hazard assessment group, electromagnetic analysis group and remote sensing data analysis group quickly assumed their posts, conducted emergency product fabrication and analysis according to respective duties, quickly reported specific products, meanwhile contacted national center and made video report. In the meantime, the data and information group, logistics support group and emergency team group made active preparation and did well in maps, vehicles, equipment and other guarantee work.

During the preparation and execution of the drill, the scientific and technological department formulated a detailed work plan with the general office, information center, logistics service center, emergency product groups and emergency team members. During the drill, the departments and groups cooperated with each other, made response efficiently and acted fast in order. IGL effectively tempered and further raised the ability of all departments in quick response of earthquakes, acquisition of disaster situation, emergency disposal, service output, technical support, joint action and collaboration, and smoothly completed the emergency response and service assurance drill of national earthquake emergency command system.