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State Key Laboratory of Earthquake Dynamics Held an Academic Committee Meeting

2016/12/29 14:55:06

On July 6, 2016, State Key Laboratory of Earthquake Dynamics held an academic committee meeting in its support organization CEA Institute of Geology. At the meeting, Director Ma Shengli read a notice of CEA on appointing Academician Zhang Peizhen and Academician Shi Yaolin as the Director of State Key Laboratory of Earthquake Dynamics and the Director of Academic Committee respectively and a notice of CEA Institute of Geology on appointing a new leader of State Key Laboratory of Earthquake Dynamics and members of Academic Committee. Laboratory Honorary Director Academician Ma Jin and Laboratory Director Zhang Peizhen issued letters of appointment to the members of the Academic Committee of State Key Laboratory of Earthquake Dynamics. Laboratory Director Academician Zhang Peizhen briefly described the development direction and work approaches of the laboratory and thanked related experts for their persistent support and help to the work of the laboratory. Academician Shi Yaolin presided over the academic committee meeting of the laboratory. The meeting listened to the laboratory work report made by Laboratory Deputy Director Researcher Ma Shengli. The content includes development goals and academic approach of the laboratory, status of the talent team, conditions and platforms of scientific research, main achievements in the recent years, operational condition in 2015 and work plan in 2016. The members of the committee gave constructive opinions and suggestions on the development of the laboratory. The meeting reviewed the independent projects of the laboratory in 2016, listened to the defense of project proposers and asked some questions. According to the review result, the laboratory initiated eight independent projects, including two preliminary research projects.