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State Key Laboratory of Earthquake Dynamics Held “Workshop on Faulting and Earthquake”

2016/12/29 14:53:55

In order to promote academic exchange and international cooperation of State Key Laboratory of Earthquake Dynamics, the Laboratory held Workshop on Faulting and Earthquake on August 6~7, 2016. More than 60 scientific researchers and postgraduates from the earthquake sector of Japan, Holland, Canada, United States, Chinese Hong Kong, and Chinese mainland, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the sector of geology and mineral resources, and institutions of higher learning attended the workshop. At the workshop, Director Ma Shengli on behalf of IGL and State Key Laboratory of Earthquake Dynamics made a welcoming speech and briefly introduced the research directions of IGL and the laboratory. 11 scholars from foreign countries and Hong Kong and six scholars from the key laboratory made special reports upon invitation. The representatives attending the meeting made discussion and exchange in focus on the experimental research and micromechanical model of frictional properties of faults, crustal rheological structure and its influencing factors, frictional properties of faults and observation and simulation of earthquake process, observation and simulation of induced earthquakes, experimental research and field observation  of seismic nucleation process, and the role of fluid in fault activity and seismic development. The content of the workshop was wonderful, the atmosphere was active and the discussion was intensive.  It won extensive praise of domestic and foreign scholars attending the workshop. During the workshop, foreign experts also visited the tectonophysical experimental equipment of State Key Laboratory of Earthquake Dynamics. After the workshop, some foreign and domestic scholars went to Miyun-Huairou, Beijing  and studied Beishicheng-Hefangkou fault zone (ductile shear zone) on the spot.