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The 2016 Earthquake and Geological Analysis and Prediction Training Class came to a Successful Close in Yinchuan

2016/12/29 14:29:44

In order to raise the level of earthquake analysis and prediction personnel in seismic situation tracing and study and judgment of earthquake trends, and combine and apply new findings of seismic and geological research in a better way, on August 25~31, 2016, under the entrustment of CEA Monitoring and Forecasting Department, “training class of basic theory and methods for earthquake and geological analysis and prediction” organized by CEA Institute of Geology and co-organized by Ningxia Earthquake Administration was smoothly held in Yinchuan, Ningxia. 49 key staffs for prediction from provincial earthquake administrations and organizations directly under CEA gathered in Ningxia. This training class arranged 10 wonderful lectures, one day’s lively field teaching practice and a discussion on hotspot scientific issues of seismology and geology.

At the brief opening ceremony held August 26 morning, Deputy Director Che Shi of CEA Monitoring and Forecasting Department was present and made a keynote speech. He stressed the important position of basic seismological and geologic theories and new achievements in earthquake monitoring and prediction. Director-General Tong Xiaohui of Ningxia Earthquake Administration expressed welcome to leaders and trainees for coming Yinchuan in this golden autumn, and simply introduced the latest achievements in exploration of active faults in Ningxia. Deputy Director Xu Xiwei of CEA Institute of Geology introduced the purpose, significance and curriculum of the training class in details.

By sequence of reports, the training class invited academician Ma Jin, Researcher Liu Liqiang,  Researcher Xu Xiwei,  Researcher Chai Chizhang, Researcher Wen Xueze,  Researcher Liu Jing,  Researcher Gan Weijun,  Researcher Ding Zhifeng,  Researcher Jiang Hanchao,  Researcher Shan Xinjian and  Researcher Ma Shengli in turn to present vivid lectures from basic theories to the latest achievements in such aspects as tectonophysics, seismogeology, paleoseismology, GNSS research, seismic array observation and earth observation from space. After the end of each lecture, a half hour’s free questioning and discussion was arranged in general. Trainees asked questions enthusiastically. The lecturers answered the questions meticulously. On the evening of August 27, trainees discussed hotspot scientific issues of seismology and geology they encountered during monitoring and prediction. The training class particularly invited Researcher Wen Xueze to answer trainees’ questions, clear up their confusions and give reasonable suggestions.

On August 28, researcher Chai Chizhang and Senior Engineer Lei Qiyun led all trainees to carry out one day’s field teaching practice. The content of learning mainly includes the fault scarp landform at Suyukou observation point near Yinchuan, identification of normal faults in exploratory trenches, as well as the geological and geomorphic manifestation of dextral normal faults along Hongguozi Great Wall. After one day’s field observation, careful study and teacher’s systematic explanation, the trainees had concrete perceptual knowledge on the activity characteristics and geomorphic manifestations of the faults at the eastern foot of Helan Mountain. Lastly they took a group photo before the remains of Hongguozi Great Wall Dislocation to mark the occasion.

Before closure of the training class on the afternoon of August 30, on invitation, Zhang Yong from CEA Monitoring and Forecasting Department introduced the charter of monitoring and prediction management and the latest work progress.

CEA Institute of Geology paid great attention to the holding of this training class. In the preparatory process, Director Ma Shengli asked about the preparation of the training class for many times and gave suggestions in some important links. We may say elaborate planning and arrangement had  been made for this training class, from initial preparation, determination of training content, and selection of field geological observation. The training class came to a successful conclusion and achieved the expected objectives. In the end, we thank Ningxia Earthquake Administration for its persistent and vigorous support to the training class, every teacher for their painstaking preparation of lessons and brilliant teaching, and every trainee for their cooperation during the training.