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Two Earthquake Research Projects of the Institute of Geology Were Accepted and Won Excellent Rating

2016/6/7 15:24:28

Recently, CEA released the acceptance result of scientific research projects in earthquake industry in 2015 (Zhong-Zhen-Han [2016] No. 53). The two projects “Exploration of Seismic Active Faults in China – South-North Seismic Belt” with researcher Xu Xiwei of the Institute of Geology as chief scientist and “Analysis on Regional Difference of Earthquake Emergency Rescue in China” presided over by researcher Su Guiwu passed comprehensive acceptance. The two projects undertaken by the Institute of Geology fulfilled, even over-fulfilled the work tasks of the projects. Their achievements and progress meet the requirements of assessment indicators stated in project assignment books and have very good guiding significance and practical value to the earthquake prevention and disaster mitigation of Chinese South-North seismic belt, scientific research, monitoring and prediction of Sichuan-Yunnan National Test Ground for Earthquake Prediction, and future differential earthquake emergency rescue in all areas. For the above reason, the professional work won excellent rating. The two projects are 2 of the 3 projects winning the rating of excellent professional work among the 16 projects accepted this time.