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The Institute of Geology Initiated Level-II Earthquake Emergency Response

2016/6/7 15:23:54

At 1:13, January 21, 2016, a magnitude 6.4 earthquake shook Menyuan County, Haibei Prefecture, Qinghai Province. By 11:00, January 21, this earthquake had d injured 5 people and cracked houses in several places. It was strongly felt in Huangcheng, Beishan and Qingshizui of Menyuan County. The epicenter was 33km from the county seat of Menyuan. CEA initiated level-II response.

According to the Earthquake Emergency Plan of the Institute of Geology, CEA, the leaders of the Institute of Geology made timely deployment and initiated level-II earthquake emergency response,and the disciplinary groups acted in time and submitted S&T emergency products to relevant upper-level departments.

At 10:00, January 21, the Institute of Geology organized scientific research personnel to have a meeting for situation analysis and discussion of Qinghai Menyuan M6.4 earthquake. More than 30 people including relevant leaders of the Institute, scientific research personnel and postgraduates attended the meeting. They spoke actively based on the available data and preliminary analysis result, exchanged ideas in such aspects as background of geologic structure, distribution of active faults, historical earthquakes, and magnetotelluric surveying, gave preliminary study and analysis result and formed opinions of the Institute of Geology.