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Our Researcher Zhang Huiping Was Selected as a Young Top-Notch Talent in National “10,000 People Plan”

2016/6/7 15:23:30

Recently, the General Office of the Organization Department of CPC Central Committee announced a list of young top-notch talents under the 2014 “10000 People Plan” (researcher Zhang Huiping from the Institute of Geology became the first person of CEA included in the list and obtained 1.4 million yuan of national support fund).

“10,000 People Plan” (also known as “National High-Level Talents Special Support Plan”) was launched jointly by 11 ministries and commissions, including the Organization Department of CPC Central Committee, Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security in 2012 and sets three categories: outstanding talents, leading talents, and young top-notch talents. It is estimated that “young top-notch talents” support plan will select 2000 young top-notch talents who are below 35 years old and have large development potential in ten years. The selected people will receive support of national fund, policy and service.