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A Delegation Led by Yao Yupeng, Director of the Department of Earth Sciences, NSFC Council Visited the Institute of Geology for Survey

2016/6/7 15:05:40

On March 2, Yao Yupeng, the Director of Earth Sciences Division 2, the Department of Earth Sciences, NSFC Council and project director Xiong Juhua came to our institute to survey NSFC projects. Deputy Director Xu Xiwei in charge of scientific research and the staff of S&T Development Department accompanied them. More than 50 scientific research personnel of our institute attended a seminar. Director Yao Yupeng and Xiong Juhua had an informal discussion with our scientific research personnel. They exchanged ideas mainly on issues of the Institute of Geology about application and research of NSFC projects. Meanwhile, Director Yao gave high remarks to the Institute of Geology for its urge, management and completion of NSFC projects in all stages.

At the seminar, in respect to issues concerning the application of NSFC projects in 2016, which has attracted people’s great attention, the delegation led by Director Yao exchanged ideas and discussed with the research workers of our institute. They offered valuable suggestions and views on how to refine scientific issues and improve the drafting quality of applications. Based on their rich experience and global view, the two experts also gave detailed reply with patience to scientific research personnel with regard to key matters they should pay attention to during project application, problems they should avoid, and future research directions of earth sciences.