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The Institute of Geology Received Funds for 2 Tasks under a Major Project of NSFC in the “12th Five-Year” Period

2016/6/7 15:04:11

Recently, a notice was received from NSFC, indicating the Institute of Geology is granted funds for 2 tasks in a major project of NSFC in the “12th Five-Year” period - “Cenozoic tectonic evolution and deep dynamic process in the northeastern margin of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau”. The two tasks are “Restoration of the perfection and evolution process of geometric construction and motion image of Cenozoic tectonic deformation in the northeastern margin of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau” taken charge of by researcher Zheng Wenjun and “High-resolution geophysical exploration to crust mantle structures of the northeastern margin by wideband seismic array” taken charge of by researcher Chen Jiuhui.

The major projects of NSFC cater for vital demands of national economy, social sustainable development and S&T development, select key scientific issues of strategic significance, converge innovative forces, carry out multidisciplinary comprehensive research and interdisciplinary research, give full play to their guiding and driving role and further raise the capacity of Chinese fundamental research in original innovation.

Major projects adopt unified planning, are approved by batch, attach importance to supporting the “growth points” generated on the basis of long-term aid of NSFC funds and hope to make breakthrough in solution of key scientific problems through high-intensity support.

The northeastern margin of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is the junction between “South-north seismic belt” and Haiyuan-Liupanshan-Weihe seismic belt. Seismic activity there is strong. Strong earthquake above magnitude 8 ever hit this region many times. The relation of its earthquake disaster with surface deformation and deep process is an important scientific target set by China in the recent years by centering on the strategy of sustainable development and also a critical location and the best experimental place for exploration to lithosphere of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau as well as the transformation process and dynamics towards peripheral craton tectonic domain. Numerous dynamic models for uplift and extension of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau may be identified and verified through research and dynamic numerical simulation of tectonic deformation of lithosphere in this region.