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Institute of Geology Had Excellent Performance in the 2014 National General Appraisal and Selection of Earthquake Monitoring and Prediction Work Quality

2015/12/28 18:17:59

According to the Notice on Organizing the 2014 Selection of Earthquake Monitoring, Prediction and Observation Data Quality (ZZCH (2015) No. 35), all the units and S&T coordination groups of CEA completed nationwide province-level and discipline appraisal and selection on time. The Institute of Geology won excellent titles in various aspects during the national general selection. Details are presented below:

I.       In the comprehensive rating of monitoring work, the Institute of Geology won an excellent title among provincial-level precursor seismic stations.

II.      In the unit-item selection of monitoring, the Institute of Geology won excellent titles in three aspects, including operation, output application and technical management of regional precursor seismic station network systems, an excellent title in underground fluid level (Zuojiazhuang Well), the third place in the aspect of water temperature (Zuojiazhuang Well), an excellent title in the aspect of gaseous radon (Baifu Station, Xiadian Station), and the first place (Baifu Station) and excellent title (Xiadian Station) in the aspect of radon gas.

III.    In the selection of analysis and prediction, the Institute of Geology won excellent titles in the aspects of comprehensive selection of analysis and prediction, daily analysis and prediction, and annual consultation and reports among the organizations affiliated to CEA;

IV.     In the selection of information network, the Institute of Geology won excellent titles in the aspects of general ranking, network operation, and information service among the organizations directly affiliated to CEA.

We hope that related departments and discipline groups pay high attention to it, compare the results of comprehensive selection and item-specific selection, summarize experiences, find gaps, make continual efforts and strive to make achievements in future earthquake monitoring and prediction again.

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July 10, 2015