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Electromagnetic Group Completed Earthquake Emergency Observation in Alxa

2015/12/28 18:14:08

The field squad of the electromagnetic group, with members doctoral candidates Dong Zeyi and Deng Yan, postgraduate Li Jiankai and driver Guan Yan, overcame various difficulties in desert hinterland to complete MT field repetition and supplementary surveys near the epicenter of the Alxa earthquake on April 29, 2015 and obtained high-quality MT data. This emergency observation not only yielded valuable post-earthquake MT observation data in the earthquake area of Alxa but also accumulated experiences in emergency field electromagnetic observation in desert areas.

In a short period after the earthquake, industrial production was stopped,which made it possible to acruqire high-quality observation data without interferences. Left: Original observation data (with remote reference processing). Right: repetition survey data (no remote reference data)


Before entering the desert, soil needs to be prepared

Measuring electrodes were installed in a specially treated plastic bucket

Even if a local car is hired, it might also be trapped in the desert. The handling method after trapping is critical