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Entering the Desert: Electromagnetic Group of Institute of Geology Carried Out Earthquake Emergency Observation in Alxa

2015/12/28 14:11:54

At 15: 39 of April 15, 2015, a magnitude 5.8 earthquake hit Alxa Left Banner, Alxa League, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Its epicenter is just near the magnetotelluric (MT) profile of national foundation project taken charge of by Researcher Chen Xiaobin, titled “Research on the electric structure of Ordos Block lithosphere and its dynamic significance”. Under the unified deployment of the institute, doctoral candidates Dong Zeyi and Deng Yan, postgraduate Li Jiankai and driver Guan Yan formed a field squad of the electromagnetic group. They set out to the area near the epicenter on April 16 and carried out MTfield repetition survey and supplementary survey. Up till today, the squad has completed data acquisition at one MT site in the inner desert and near the epicenter and established two stations for further data acquisition. 

Schematic diagram for layout of sites for field repeated and supplementary surveys of MT profile. Red stands for repeated survey points. White stands for new supplementary survey points. Purple survey points are completed repetition survey points

Data comparison of completed MT repetition survey points Left: Original observation data, acquired on October 4~6, 2012. Right: repetition survey data, acquired on April 17~19, 2015

Field work site