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Wang Qingliang, a Researcher of the Second Monitoring Center, Visited the Institute of Geology

2015/12/28 14:10:53

On the morning of March 6, at the invitation of Researcher Zhan Yan of the Institute of Geology, CEA, Researcher Wang Qingliang, the Deputy Director of the Second Monitoring Center, CEA visited our institute and made an academic report entitled “3D monitoring and research on current crustal movement of Chinese mainland”.

Crustal movement is a direct source of power to geological activity. It has a close relation with the internal structure of the earth crust. The coupling and deformation of the interface between mantle and crust are also relevant with crustal movement. Researcher Wang Qingliang introduced the crustal movement monitoring results of the “Comprehensive geophysical field observation project of Himalaya Program” in the North-South Seismic Belt and Ordos Block peripheries of Chinese Mainland and displayed the latest velocity vector maps of vertical movement of Sichuan-Yunnan Block and long-term vertical deformation of Ordos Block and its peripheries. Based on these monitoring results of crustal movement, he addressed some issues such as “where is the EW compressive force of India-Myanmar bubduction zone from?”,  “Is the Red River fault no longer a boundary fault which is capable of generating strong earthquakes? Why does the middle part of Sichuan-Yunnan Block has EW extensional rifting activity? Why does transverse escape movement occur along the central orogenic belt of the Qinling Mountains?”

More than 30 researchers of our institute, and Researcher Liu Guiping, and Ren Xiao form China Earthquake Networks Center, China Earthquake Administration came to the site and listened to the report. The experts present discussed the connotative implications of surface deformation, seismicity and deep structure characteristics of the study areas. After the meeting, Wang Qingliang and the researchers of the electromagnetic group, the Institute of Geology engaged in constructive discussion on the cooperative research of surface deformation field and deep structure detection.

Researcher Wang Qingliang was exchanging ideas with the research personnel of our institute