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CEA Deputy Director-General Yin Chaomin Attended the Meeting of the Expert Committee on the National Experimental Field for Earthquake Prediction in Sichuan and Yunnan Provinces

2015/12/28 14:07:32

In order to determine recent scientific objectives and work tasks of the National Experimental Field for Earthquake Prediction in Sichuan and Yunnan, the Expert Committee of this project held a meeting in the Institute of Geology on 8 January  2015. Twenty-three members of the committee from China Earthquake Administration (CEA), Chinese Academy of Sciences and related organizations, Sun Jianzhong, the Director of Monitoring and Forecasting Department, Deputy Director Che Shi, Division Chief Ma Hongsheng and Deputy Division Chief Zhang Langping attended the meeting. Yin Chaomin, the Deputy Director-General of CEA and a member of the Leading Party Group of CEA were present at the meeting and made an important speech. The meeting was organized by the Institute of Geology.

First of all, Academician Zhang Peizhen, the chairman of the expert committee, elaborated the preliminary proposal on the general scientific approaches and recent tasks of the test field to participants of the meeting. Then all the experts and the leaders of the Monitoring and Forecasting Department discussed the preliminary proposal from the perspectives of different disciplines, focusing on the current status and primary problems of earthquake prediction, as well as the purpose and significance of the establishment of the National Experimental Field for Earthquake Prediction and offered concrete modification suggestions. Through this meeting, the expert committee preliminarily determined the overall scientific objectives of the test field and the plan of the work, which shall be implementedrecently.

After listening to the suggestions of Academician Zhang Peizhen and experts’ discussion, Deputy Director-General Yin Chaomin made an important speech. He expressed that the Party Group of CEA placed high hope on the test field. The test field is an important platform and fulcrum for innovation of earthquake science. Through the work of the test field, we should give scope to the advantages of all parties, open a prediction approach with Chinese characteristics, intensively explore and inspect the new methods and new technologies of earthquake prediction with emphases and strengthen sharing and application conversion of results.