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The first seminar on research orientation and development planning held by the Research Division of Neotectonics and Landform

2014/5/27 15:27:27

On March 13, 2013, the Research Division of Neotectonics and Landform, newly established by the institute, hosted its first seminar on research orientation and development planning. The meeting was presided over by Researcher Liu Jing, the newly elected director of the research division. Zhang Shuping, the Deputy Director of the Science & Technology Development Department and all the members and students of the Division attended this seminar. The research division was prepared as of the end of 2012 and was officially established in March 2013. The top issue to the division which started from scratch is future orientation and development direction. After nearly three months’ preparation, the members of the division divided their work, earnestly planned the key discipline orientations that should be determined at present and the research tasks in next 3-5 years, and held the first seminar.  

The issues discussed at the meeting mainly include: planning and goal for next 3-5 years; research focus and work plan of this year; research outputs and goal of contribution, publication or preparation of papers in the year; experimental means and software and hardware conditions the research division that will develop with priority in next 3-5 years; personal tasks and work and their contribution to the development of the division; suggestions for a regular academic exchange and discussion platform.

All the people present at the meeting expressed their views, goals and orientations. Director Liu Jing required the members proceed from themselves and the development of the research division, place themselves at appropriate and positive positions, strictly require themselves by setting a high yardstick in achievement outputs, combine personal development with the long-term planning of the research division, work hard and look into the future. She also expressed the work emphases of the research division are current development of the team and cultivation of new growth points. Deputy Director Zheng Wenjun pointed out the present opportunities, difficulties and problems and offered suggestions and methods with regard to the orientation and development of the research division in next 3-5 years. All the members of the division introduced in details the projects currently undertaken by them, ongoing work, cooperation and project connection with the research division and other research units of the Institute of Geology, relations between personal research direction and main discipline construction direction of the research division and its significance to the disciplines and envisaged the achievements and paper contribution and publication in the year. At the meeting, people discussed issues in high spirits. Deputy Director Zhang Shuping gave affirmation to the preparatory work of the research division, spoke highly of this seminar and hoped the research division dominated by young people could set higher requirements for itself and contribute to discipline development of the Institute of Geology.  

All the members of the research division unanimously thought the four directions determined in the initial preparatory stage, including major earthquakes and microrelief, Cenozoic tectonic landform, faulted landform evolution, and landform simulation and 3D visualization,which will still be the main development directions of the research division in next 3-5 years, and the division will first choose the two research directions: major earthquakes and microrelief, and Cenozoic tectonic landform as emphases and foundations. They noted that LiDAR technology and the landform survey (phase 1) have been initiated as new growth points, and established the research direction of faulted landform evolution and preliminary research work of landform simulation and 3D visualization.

The seminar made preliminary discussion and arrangement on establishment of a fair and reasonable evaluation system in the research division, participation in scientific research activities inside and outside the institute, introduction of talents, academic discussions and regular work meetings. All the members of the research division will make concerted effort to develop the division into a platform of common progress, a state key laboratory for geodynamics and a main disciplinary and scientific research force of the Institute of Geology, China Earthquake Administration.