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“Exploration of Active Faults in China – Central and Southern Section of North-South Seismic Zone” Project held an annual work meeting

2014/5/27 15:25:14

From March 31 to April 3, 2013, the “Exploration of Active Faults in China – Central and Southern Section of North-South Seismic Zone” Project under the Himalaya Program of China Earthquake Administration held an annual work inspection meeting in Yunnan. As 2013 is the last and vital year of the implementation of this project, the Earthquake Damage Prevention Department of CEA paid high attention to this activity. Wei Kaibo, the Deputy Director of the department, and Division Head Zhang Liming were present throughout the meeting and raised concrete guiding opinions and requirements. The leaders of the scientific research management departments of the organizations undertaking the tasks, the people in charge of the tasks and technical backbones in total of more than 80 people attended this inspection meeting.

People reported in details the work progress, expenditure of fund, work arrangement at next step and the encountered technical difficulties of the 27 tasks. The expert panel consisting of Academician Deng Qidong, Xie Furen, Xu Xiwei, Song Fangmin, Ran Yongkang and Yang Xiaoping gave remarks on each task and put forth concrete suggestions and opinions. Thorough communication and discussions not only enable the persons in charge of the tasks to have a better look at their work results and technical means but also enable them to see the implementation highlights of other tasks so that they can adjust the research approach in the next stage and produce a better effect of the tasks.

Meanwhile, the meeting also invited archive expert Meng Fei to explain the latest requirements of scientific research projects of the earthquake community for archive management; and paleoearthquake expert Researcher Ran Yongkang made an academic report titled “Trenching technology and paleoearthquakes”, and solved the difficulties universally encountered during execution of the tasks.

In the end, in view of the progress of each task and the overall arrangement of the project, Researcher Xu Xiwei as the project leader put forth eight requirements for the tasks.

On April 3, the expert panel and some of the persons in charge of the tasks conducted field inspection, guidance and communication regarding the “Longling – Ruili Fault” task undertaken by Researcher Fu Bihong from CAS.