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Chinese and Japanese scholars carried out joint field study on the northern Longmenshan and peripheral faults

2014/5/27 15:23:26

From March 14 to 23, the joint research group of the “Paleoearthquake and Seismic Risk Research of the Northern Longmenshan and Peripheral Faults” – a cooperative project between Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology and Japan Science and Technology Agency (Most-JST)carried out the first field study. The 2008 Wenchuan earthquake caused huge life and property loss and aroused worldwide attention. The Longmenshan fault zone is the seismogenic structure for the Wenchuan earthquake. What are the activity, paleoearthquakes and future seismic risk of its northern section and peripheral fractures? By centering on this question, the joint study group set out from the Donghekou landslide site of the Wenchuan earthquake surface rupture, headed for north along the Qingchuan fault and carefully investigated the tectonic landform of the fault zone. After the group entered the Hanzhong basin, they also investigated the faults on the northern and southern edges of the basin. After 10 days’ hard work, they consummately fulfilled this study mission and generated a satisfactory result of scientific investigation, laying a solid foundation for the work in the next stage. In this period, the research group also visited the Qingchuan Earthquake Museum, introduced Japan’s mature earthquake prevention and disaster reduction publicity system to relevant leaders and provided constructive opinions. Japanese scientists participating in the investigation include Associate Professor YasutakyrIkeda from University of Tokyo, Professor Karino Kenichi from Shizuoka University, Dr. Shinsuke Okadafrom Tohoku University and postgraduate Yoshiki Shirahama from University of Tokyo. Chinese scientists include Researcher He Honglin from Institute of Geology, Professor Lin Zhou from Zhejiang University, postgraduate Sun Haoyue from Institute of Geology and others.