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Lushan earthquake emergency scientific research team of the Institute of Geology has arrived at the earthquake region and started scientific investigation

2014/5/27 14:58:10

At 8:02 April 20, 2013, an Ms 7.0 earthquake struck Lushan, Sichuan. Immediately after receiving this message, the Institute of Geology initiated an earthquake emergency plan and organized an emergency rescue and scientific investigation team. The emergency team has 13 members. Deputy Director Xu Xiwei is the team leader. The members include Su Guiwu, Li Chuanyou, Zheng Wenjun, Chen Guihua, Wei Zhanyu, Xu Chong, Han Zhujun, Li Zhiqiang, Wang Mingming, Ren Zhikun, Tan Xibin and Wang Hu. Wang Hu rushed to Yaan from Xichang to join Xu Xiwei and other people. The emergency team arrived in Chengdu at 4 pm April 20 and immediately contacted the earthquake field command center. Without a second’s rest in Chengdu, the team went straightforward to the front line of the affected area. After the wait due to traffic control and road congestion, they arrived at Lushan earthquake region in the early morning of April 21. According to the missions assigned by the field command center, our emergency team carefully studied and discussed countermeasures and determined a concrete plan. Almost without any rest, they started emergency scientific investigations in a full swing on the morning of April 21.