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Institute of Geology held a seminar on scientific research work after the Lushan earthquake

2014/5/27 10:26:56

In April 2013, two important events happened to CEA. Firstly, Vice Premier Wang Yang went to CEA to inspect work and made an important speech on April 16. Secondly, an Ms 7.0 earthquake hit Lushan on April 20. After occurrence of the earthquake, all the people of the Institute of Geology worked wholeheartedly and untiredly. Particularly, the members of the emergency team in the earthquake area were fearless of danger and difficulty, risked their lives against aftershocks, rolling stones and other dangers and fulfilled all the tasks for emergency response to the Lushan, Sichuan Ms7.0 earthquake with flying colors.

On May 4, the Institute of Geology held a seminar on scientific research work after the Lushan earthquake. Academician Deng Qidong, Academician Ma Jin, the leaders and scientific research backbones of the institute and leaders of the management departments, in total of more than 40 people, attended the meeting. The meeting focused on three aspects. Firstly, Director Zhang Peizhen conveyed the spirit of the speech made by Vice Premier Wang Yang during his visit to CEA in April and offered six suggestions on how to carry out the scientific research work of the institute. Secondly, the meeting reviewed the work done by the scientific research team of the institute and discussed the future work plan in respect to the Wenchuan earthquake and Lushan earthquake. Thirdly, the meeting further thought over how to strengthen basic research of the institute.

At the meeting, Researcher Ran Yongkang introduced relevant issues about scientific research of the Lushan earthquake. Dr. Chen Lichun introduced elaborate research on paleo-earthquake in the boundary fault zone of the mass on the southeastern border of Tibetan Plateau and seismic risk assessment and monitoring. Deputy Director Ma Shengli explained the stress variation induced by viscoelastic effect of the middle and lower crust and upper mantle after the Wenchuan earthquake, and the occurrence mechanism of the Lushan earthquake. Academician Deng Qidong, Academician Ma Jin as well as Han Zhujun, Li Zhiqiang, Xu Jiandong and Xu Chong and others, in total of more than 10 people, made speeches based on their professional emphases and research. The atmosphere of the meeting was lively. In the end, Secretary Ouyang Biao gave concluding remarks and implementation opinions.