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A review article of Researcher Zhang Peizhen was published in Nature Geoscience

2014/5/27 10:14:52

To mark the fifth anniversary of Wenchuan earthquake, Nature Geoscience particularly invited Researcher Zhang Peizhen to write a review article. It was officially published on April 29,2013.

Zhang Peizhen systematically summarized and reviewed the reason why the urgency of earthquake risk of the Longmenshan fault zone was underestimated before the Wenchuan earthquake. He suggests that this fault is characterized by long-term recurrence in situ and slow inter-earthquake deformation. This is because of high strength of the rocks in the focal area, strong locking of the seismogenic faultand slow loading of tectonic stress. Slowly slipping faults might have high seismic risk. The faults with different geometric structures have different strain processes. In-depth research must be done on different types of active faults to get overall knowledge on their geometric structures, physical properties of focal medium, history of paleoearthquakes, deformation process and dynamic mechanism and more accurately assess future seismic risk.  

Annex: Beware of slowly slipping faults