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“Comprehensive comparative study of paleo-earthquake trench site selection and event discrimination” project kickoff meeting was held in Beijing

2014/5/27 10:13:36

On May 22, 2013, the kickoff meeting of the scientific research project “comprehensive comparative study of paleo-earthquake trench site selection and event discrimination” of the seismological industry, which is led and taken charge of by the Institute of Geology, CEA was held in Beijing. The Institute of Geology as the undertaker of the project called this meeting. Researcher Liu Jing from the Institute of Geology as the project leader presided over this meeting. Project cooperators including Researcher Yao Daquan from Anhui Earthquake Administration, Researcher Yuan Daoyang from Gansu Earthquake Administration (Lanzhou Institute of Seismology, CEA) and Senior Engineer Lei Qiyun from Ningxia Earthquake Administration. Researchers undertaking the project tasks in the Institute of Geology including associate researchers Zheng Wenjun and Ren Zhikun, Yin Gongming, the Director of Science and Technology Development Department of the Institute of Geology, expert Meng Fei from the Information Center and some experts and other project participants of the Institute of Geology, in total of nearly 20 people, attended this meeting.

At the kickoff meeting, Researcher Liu Jing explained in details the overall objective, research plan, expected results and tasks of the project. Task leaders also introduced in details the implementation plans, work schedules, research objectives and contents, and key problems to be solved for the tasks, discussed in depth the problems that might be encountered during execution of the tasks and clarified the general objective of the work in the next year. After discussion, people at the meeting reached a consensus on research methods, technical routes, implementation plan and schedule, work emphasis and task decomposition, and project management. And they unanimously agreed to summarize and report project achievements and progress by stage, find shortfalls of work in time and fulfill the expected goal of this industrial project according to the specified quality and quantity.科研动态/S20130531145935930090.jpg