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Deputy Director Zhao Heping inspected work at the magnetotelluric sounding site in the Lushan earthquake area

2014/5/27 10:11:25

On June 19, a delegation led by Zhao Heping, the Deputy Director of CEA and a member of the leading party group of CEA came to the magnetotelluric sounding site of the Lushan earthquake region and inspected and guided work. On the site, Researcher Zhan Yan introduced the goal of the exploration study that the magnetotelluric sounding group undertakes in the scientific research project of Lushan earthquake and the progress of field work.

Researcher Zhan Yan is responsible for magnetotelluric sounding in the project for “scientific research of Lushan, Sichuan ‘4·20’ Ms 7.0 earthquake” organized by the Institute of Geophysics, CEA. She and colleagues explored multiple magnetotelluric sections in the Lushan earthquake region and the seismic “gap section” between the Wenchuan earthquake and Lushan earthquake, obtained the characteristics of deep electrical structures in the southern section of the Longmenshan tectonic zone, detected and studied the deep environment of the Lushan earthquake region and provided a basis for seismic risk forecast and further research of the Longmenshan tectonic zone and adjacent areas. 

In order to safely and quickly complete this task with high quality, the electromagnetic sounding group of the Research Division of Solid Geophysics initiated field survey on May 2 under the support of the Science and Technology Development Department and the Finance and Planning Department. Researcher Chen Xiaobin, Researcher Tang Ji, Associate Researcher Xiao Qibin, Research Assistant Wang Lifeng and several postgraduates went to the Lushan earthquake region and carried out field survey. In this period, Secretary Ouyang Biao and Director Yin Gongming went to the site and provided guidance. By now, they have basically completed field survey and the data are being processed.

 Zhan Yan explained the magnetotelluric sounding task and progress to Deputy Director Zhao