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The work of the seismogeological group for scientific investigations of the Lushan earthquake is going well

2014/5/27 10:09:35

Researcher Ran Yongkang is responsible for seismogeological task in the project  “Scientific investigations of Lushan, Sichuan ‘4.20’ Ms7.0 earthquake”. The work contents include: (1) Determine seismogenic structure from the investigations on coseismic surface deformation and seismic hazard distribution of the Lushan earthquake. (2) Investigate the geometric structures and activity of the known and potential active faults in the southern section of the Longmenshan fault zone. (3) Study paleoearthquakes of main faults and recurrence intervals of major earthquakes. This task is undertaken by 8 groups. The group leaders are Ran Yongkang, Ouyang Biao, Li Chuanyou, Chen Guihua, Chen Lichun, Xu Chong, Han Zhujun and Li Haiou.

At present, the task groups have dug tens of large and small exploratory trenches. Through investigating tens of locations, they had acquired preliminary knowledge on the activity of important faults in the southern section of the Longmenshan Mountains. Particularly, the exploratory trenches in Taiping Town and Dachuan Town of Lushan County and Daxi Township of Baoxing County perfectly reveal the activity evidence of the Dachuan – Shuangshi fault. Besides, the shallow earthquake exploration group has completed the work of exploration in a radius of several kilometers in the north of the county Lushan, Longmen Township and Shangli. The investigation on landslides induced by the Lushan earthquake now has basically completed field work. The work of every group is going smoothly.科研动态/S20130627092556400091.jpg

On June 19, Researcher Ran Yongkang, the leader of the task reported in details the work done and achievements made by the seismogeological group to Deputy Director Zhao Heping who came to the earthquake site for field inspection. Deputy Director Zhao Heping fully affirmed the achievements of this task.科研动态/S20130627092556870092.jpg