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Personnel for emergency response to the Ms 6.6 earthquake in Minxian and Zhangxian, Gansu carried out field work

2014/5/27 9:54:02

In addition to the electromagnetic group working in the field who directly rushed to the disaster-stricken area from Xining, the Institute of Geology also sent five emergency response personnel forth from Beijing including Min Wei, Li Zhiqiang, Zheng Wenjun, Ren Zhikun and Xu Chong. They arrived at the disaster-stricken area in Minxian County at 7pm July 22 and started disaster investigation and scientific research.

After arriving at Lanzhou Airport at noon July 22, the emergency response personnel directly set out to the disaster-hit area without stop. At about 6pm, they arrived at the affected grass land in Zhangxian County, Gansu Province. After discussion, they decided to investigate the disaster situation along the two sides of the road. They investigated the destruction situation of the houses in the major villages on roadside and determined intensity of earthquake effect. At 8pm, they arrived at the field command center of CEA in Minxia County. While reporting the investigation to the command center, they discussed the tasks and division of the work in the next step and made clear the work for the next day. They returned to the dwelling place until 12pm.  

On July 23, our people on the site participated in the work of the earthquake site. Li Zhiqiang took part in summarization of disaster investigation data and intensity investigation of the field commend center, the electromagnetic group began to put up an observation platform, and other people formed a scientific research group with the people from Gansu Earthquake Administration to mainly study seismic structure, earthquake hazards (landslide and collapse) and destruction of structures of houses and public facilities.科研动态/S20130724130433630097.jpg

Team members walked through a collapsed countryside road