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We successfully organized the 2013 IAVCEI Field Seminar at the Changbaishan volcano

2014/5/22 17:18:03

On invitation and entrustment of the 2013 Organizing Committee of IAVCEI (International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior), a delegation of our Research Division of Active Volcanoes consisting of six people including Researcher Xu Jiandong attended the 2013 International Conference of IAVCEI held in Kagoshima, Japan from July 19, 2013 to July 25 and successfully organized a geological travel to the Changbaishan volcano after the meeting (July 26 ~ July 29). Thirty volcanologists from the United States, Britain, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand and Belgium particpated this 3-day field scientific research and visited the volcano monitoring station at the Changbaishan Mountains.

The 30 volcanologists attending this scientific research include world famous volcanological experts. Through joint field geological study and analysis, they had deeper understanding on the eruption history and current activity state of the Changbaishan volcano. The volcanologists from various institutions contributed ideas and expressed hopes on strengthening cooperation to jointly carry out volcanological research of the Changbaishan Mountains and deepen understanding on the current activity state and scientific prediction on future eruption risk of the Changbaishan volcano.

The cooperation and communication with foreign volcanologists will help raise China’s technical level of volcano monitoring, bring China’s volcano monitoring and research into international arena and boost the international impact of Chinese active volcanology.