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The Institute of Geology created a new record in applying for NSFC projects in 2013

2014/5/22 17:16:18

A few days ago, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) announced the review results of the project proposals applying for funding of NSFC in 2013. The Institute of Geology achieved the best result in its history and received 23 funded projects with 15.18 million yuan of fund. Among the submitted 31 applications, 15 proposals were approved, implying a success rate of 48.39%. And 8 proposals to Youth Science Fund (YSF) were accepted, with respect to 15 applications submitted, represents a success rate of 53.33%. Here we express heartfelt congratulations to the scientific research personnel who won NSFC-funded projects this time.

 List of NSFC projects of the Institute of Geology approved in 2013


Principal investigator

Project title

Project category


Han Fei

Study on nuclide 26Al/10Be burial dating of cosmogenesis of conglomerate in the western regions

YSF project


Tan Jintang

Research on luminescence chronology of centennial – millennial-scale paleo-earthquake events in the middle section of Altun Fracture

YSF project


Tan Xibin

Research on thermochronology of Cenozoic denudation process and fault’s vertical activity history in the middle section of the thrust zone of Longmen Mountain

YSF project


Wang Hu

Uplift history and tectonic response of Luoji Mountain in the southeast of Tibetan Plateau since Late Cenozoic

YSF project


Li Tao

Identification, deformation and kinematic model of active fold scarps and strong earthquakes

YSF project


Wei Zhanyu

Identification of river knick points based on DEM data

YSF project


Pan Bo

Research on eruption characteristics of Changbaishan Tianchi Volcano in Qixiangzhan Stage

YSF project


Zhang Zhuqi

Movement and deformation mechanism of Qaidam-Longxi Block

YSF project


Liu Chunru

Research on Early Pleistocene site and stratigraphic chronosequence of Nihewan based on ESR dating

General project


Yang Xiaosong

Experimental research on transport property and healing function of earthquake fault: Taking Wenchuan earthquake fault zone for example

General project


He Honglin

Correlation research of geomorphic geometric characteristics and rupture process of a fault plane

General project


Wang Ping

Sedimentological evidence for formation of gigantic knick points and river valley evolution – taking Great Bend of Brahmaputra River of Eastern Himalaya Syntaxis for example

General project


Chen Guihua

Time variation and comparison of Late Quaternary activity of two large fractures in the north of Tibetan Plateau

General project


Chen Lichun

Fine research on paleo-earthquakes of Xianshuihe Fault Zone and preliminary study on response relation to great earthquakes on block boundary

General project


Han Zhujun

Research on quaternary tectonic deformation, initial age and slipping velocity of Xiaojiang Fault Zone

General project


Zheng Wenjun

Tectonic activity on the southern margin of Alxa Block and its response to northeastward extension of Tibetan Plateau

General project


Xu Jiandong

Research on geology, active history and magmatic evolution of Ashikule Volcano in West Kunlun

General project


Qu Chunyan

Research on spatial-temporal evolution characteristic and fault interaction of crustal deformation field in the northern section of North-South Seismic Belt

General project


Li Tieming

Quantitative research on strong earthquake evolution law of Xianshihe Fracture by comprehensive utilization of crustal deformation and gravity measurement data

General project


Sun Jianbao

Research on coseismic process and post-seismic recovery process of Wenchan earthquake – based on deformation observation and mechanical model analysis

General project


Zhao Guoze

Research on processing and mining technology for electromagnetic data of ground earthquake network and satellite observation

General project


Tao Wei

Simulation study on systematic deformation of Longmen Mountain area and its fault zones

General project


Zhou Yongsheng

Experimental study on high-temperature rheology of granulite in continental lower crust

General project