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The earthquake prediction research group of the Institute of Geology held a seminar

2014/5/22 17:15:47

The Institute of Geology earnestly implemented the spirits of the opinions of China Earthquake Administration on strengthening earthquake monitoring and prediction and other relevant documents, practically strengthened monitoring and prediction and set up an earthquake prediction research group. On September 30, the earthquake prediction research group held a seminar. Secretary Ouyang Biao, Deputy Director Ma Shengli, Deputy Director Xu Xiwei and the leaders of relevant management departments attended the meeting. They discussed earthquake trends during the National Day festival and in the recent period based on their respective disciplinary features and further arranged the consultation opinions of the Institute of Geology on nationwide earthquake trends.

The Institute of Geology is a duty unit for emergency response to earthquakes in October, which coincides with the long holiday of National Day. Secretary Ouyang Biao, Deputy Director Ma Shengli and Deputy Director Xu Xiwei not only gave concrete opinions and suggestions on monitoring and prediction work but also arranged the work of earthquake emergency preparedness of the institute.