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Experts from the Institute of Geology, Sichuan Earthquake Administration, Shaanxi Earthquake Administration and Zhejiang

2014/5/22 17:14:07

On November 10, 2013, on invitation of Researcher He Honglin, a delegation comprising Director Zhang Hongwei, Associate Researcher He Yulin and Dr. Wang Mingming of Sichuan Earthquake Administration, Researcher Feng Xijie and Dr. Ma Ji of Shaanxi Earthquake Administration, Professor Lin Zhou and Dr. Tian Jing of Zhejiang University and Researcher Yin Gongming, Deputy Director Zhang Shuping and Research Assistant Dang Jiaxiang of the Institute of Geology went to the field in Qingchuan County, Sichuan Province and discussed the work of exploratory trenches in Sino-Japanese cooperative project “Paleo-Earthquake and Seismic Risk Research of Northern and Peripheral Fractures of Longmen Mountain”.

The expert panel trudged along on a mountain path a half hour in drizzle. After arriving at an exploratory trench site, they carefully observed the topography and landform there. They went down into the exploratory trench and carefully cleared and observed the tectonic deformation of strata. After that, the expert panel engaged in  discussion on the phenomena revealed by the exploratory trench, showing their rigorous scientific spirit. They also offered constructive opinions and suggestions to the members of the project team.