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People led by Secretary Ouyang Biao carried out field quality inspection of the “Project f

2014/5/22 17:01:23

Under the entrustment of Ya’an Municipal Government of Sichuan Province, the Institute of Geology undertook the Pproject for survey and prospecting of the active faults in the areas affected by the Lushan earthquake”. It is one of the first batch of the projects initiated after the earthquake in Lushan County, Ya’an City. This project is characterized by limited time and heavy task and responsibility. The results submitted at the end of June will be directly applied to post-earthquake reconstruction. The project will be inspected and accepted at the end of July. Ya”an Municipal Government entrusted such important project to the Institute of Geology. It shows their affirmation to our previous work and their trust in our ability in scientific research.

Although the project fund is not much, it is a glorious political mission and a major project reflecting our values in scientific research. Therefore, the leaders and scientific research personnel of the institute both paid high attention to it and our backbones on the first line were assigned to attend the project. Researcher Ran Yongkang is the project leader. Li Chuanyou, Han Zhujun, Chen Lichun and Chen Guihua attended the project. Director Zhang Peizhen, Deputy Director Xu Xiwei and Academician Deng Qidong were invited as project advisors. The work plan was designed in details. At the beginning of this project, a project initiation meeting was held. At the meeting, Secretary Ouyang Biao made a mobilization speech. In order to assure project quality and schedule, Secretary Ouyang Biao led researchers Zhou Bengang, Chen Jie and Yin Gongming and went to the site of Lushan to inspect and guide field work from June 16 to 20. In the same time, they extended regards to the scientific research personnel of the project working in the field. In addition, they also made a report on project progress to Ya’an Earthquake Administration. At present, the project is going well.

Researcher Zhan Yan and Researcher Ran Yongkang separately undertook the mission of magnetotelluric survey and the mission of scientific research of seismology and geology in the Project for scientific research of the Lushan earthquake” organized by CEA. The delegation led by Secretary Ouyang Biao extended regards and gave guidance to our scientific research personnel who were working in the field.