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Brief Introduction to the Institute of Geology and its Graduate Programs

The Institute of Geology, affiliated to China Earthquake Administration, is a state-level scientific institution with over 60 years' history, and a multidiscipline and comprehensive nonprofit scientific research entity focusing on geology, geophysics and geochemistry. It is China’s unique state-level research institute mainly engaged in the research of neotectonic movement and current geological process. On the basis of geology, geophysics, space-to-earth observation and other technologies and in reliance on State Key Laboratory of Earthquake Dynamics and China Earthquake Administration’s Key Laboratory of Active Tectonics and Volcano, the Institute of Geology carries out basic research of and basic research for application of active tectonics, neotectonic chronology, tectonophysics, geodesy, seismology, earth interior physics, fluid geochemistry, active volcanology, seismic catastrophology and engineering seismology. These studies are aimed to address many issues such as tectonic settings of major earthquakes in continents and their mid- and long-term prediction, mechanism of earthquakes and continental dynamics, volcano eruption and disaster prediction, and seismic safety assessment for major projects, and provide technical support to earthquake monitoring and prediction, earthquake hazard prevention and emergency rescue of earthquakes.

The institute has a strong science and technology team, including 3 academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences, one academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and more than 100 senior researchers, active in the research fields of geology, geophysics and geochemistry. The institute has undertaken many state-level major scientific projects and ministerial or provincial-level scientific projects and realized many scientific achievements and enjoys great reputation in domestic and foreign seismological and geological communities.

The Institute of Geology is one of the first organizations the State Council approved to be qualified to carry out graduate programs in sciences leading to degrees  of Master and doctorate. At present, its graduate programs cover primary disciplines of Geology and secondary disciplines of Solid Geophysics and include a postdoctoral research station of Geology.

Primary disciplines of Geology include active tectonics, active volcanology, seismic hazard and engineering seismology, and fluid geochemistry. The research objects involve Cenozoic tectonics, Late Quaternary active tectonics, volcanic activity and disaster mechanism, seismic hazard and emergency response theory and technology, seismic zoning and earthquake-proof engineering.

Secondary disciplines of Solid Geophysics include geodynamics and geotectonic physics, seismology, magnetotellurism, and geodesy. The research objects include tectonic deformation mechanism and earthquake mechanism, deep structures and earthquake generation environment, recent crustal movement and geodynamics.