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Functions and responsibilities of the Information Center


Management and borrowing service of books and periodicals in Chinese or foreign languages; management of archives; edition and publication of Seismology and Geology; management of maps and other science and technology information; management of the network information platform and portal web pages, and operation of the supercomputer system of the institute; collection of all kinds of information inside and outside the institute, and provision of information consulting service.


1.      Be responsible to purchase, collect, sort and take care of printed and digitalized books and periodicals and provide borrowing service;

2.      Be responsible to manage archives and provide consulting and borrowing services;

3.      Be responsible for management and borrowing service of various kinds of internal maps.

4.      Be responsible to edit and publish Seismology and Geology;

5.      Be responsible to operate the network of the institute and maintain operation of the website of the institute and network security;

6.      Be responsible for normal operation of supercomputer, monitoring, large screen and other equipment, and provision of relevant services;

7.      Be responsible for acquisition, classification, sorting and publication of all kinds of internal information of the institute;

8.      Be responsible for security and confidentiality relevant with this department;

9.      Complete other tasks assigned by the leaders of the institute.

Leaders of the Information Center

Director: Zu Jinhua

Deputy Director: Liu Ping   Hao Yongwei

Yao Qinglin

Wan Yuan

Meng Fei

Li Qiuzhen

Liao Kaining

Sheng Dandan