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Deng Qidong

Academician Deng Qidong, male, structural geologist and seismologist, born inShuangfeng County,HunanProvince in 1938, graduated from Central South Mining andMetallurgyCollege(currently known asCentralSouthUniversity) in 1961. He was selected as academician ofChineseAcademyof Sciences in 2003. He took post of deputy director ofInstituteofGeology, China Earthquake Administration, the director of the Degree Awarding Committee, the honorary director, Senior Research Fellow and doctoral advisor. He is the deputy director of the Scientific and Technological Committee of China Earthquake Administration, a member of China Earthquake Forecasting Review Committee, a member of the National Seismic Safety Assessment Committee, the director of Active Tectonics and Volcano Key Laboratory Academic Committee of China Earthquake Administration, the director of Non-ferrous Metal Metallogenetic Prediction Key Laboratory Academic Committee of the Ministry of Education, a member of Oil-gas-bearing Basins Structure Research Centre Academic Committee of the Ministry of Education and an expert of the expert group of high-level waste geological disposal of the Defence Science and Industry Bureau and takes a concurrent post as the honorary professor of Central South University, a part-time professor of Nanjing University and Zhejiang University and the deputy editor of Seismology and Geology. Furthermore, he was a senior member of the Geological Society of China and the Seismological Society of China, the director of Seismology and Geology Committee of the Seismological Society of China and the editor of Active Tectonic Research. He was also evaluated as a middle-young expert with extraordinary contributions and an excellent Communist of the central state organ (1991-19921993-1994) and is enjoying special government allowance issued by the State Council.

Academician Deng Qidong has been undertaking researches on structural geology, active tectonics, earthquake geology, geodynamics and engineering seismology and has made thorough studies on active tectonics and seismotectonics inChina. Furthermore, he has also made new breakthrough in geometry, kinematics and formation mechanism of different structures such as strike-slip, compression and extension, established large-scale mapping technique of active tectonics, developed paleoseismology, pioneered large scale geological mapping and quantitative researches on active tectonics in the whole country, pushed forward researches and application of quantitative active tectonics. He has taken the lead to prepare the map Chinese active tectonics systematically,  summarized features of active tectonics and stress field, put forward new models of kinematics and dynamics, edited the first zoning map of earthquake intensity in China which is used under approval of the country and becomes the standard for earthquake resistance in China and accomplished plenty of urban large-and medium-sized engineering active structures and seismic safety evaluation.

Academician Deng Qidong has published 250 papers, 13 monographs, including 30 articles of SCI, 1649 SCI quotes and 1511 other quotes at home and abroad. His 16 achievements in scientific research have won national and provincial awards for 20 times in succession, among which 2 won the second-class prize of the National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology, 3 won the first-class prize of the Provincial-Ministry Prize for Progress in Science and Technology and 5 won the second-class prize of the Provincial-Ministry Prize for Progress in Science and Technology. In 1991, he won the 2nd Li Siguang Geological Science Award. His representative writings are Haiyuan Active Fault Belt, Erdos Periphery Active Fault Series, Mount Tianshan Active Structure, China Active Tectonics Map (14000000) and Seismic Tectonics Map of the People’s Republic of China (14000000)