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Division of Active Tectonics
Division of Active Volcanoes
Division of medium to Long Term Earthquake Prediction
Division of Seismic Zonation and Engineering Seismology
Division of Earthquake Emergency and Disaster Reduction
Division of Solid Earth Geophysics and Deep Structure Studies
Division of Space Geodesy and Crustal Deformation Studies
Laboratory of Tectonophysics
Laboratory of Neotectonics and Geochronology
Division of Neotectonics and Geomorphology

IGL Delegates Attended 8th Congress of CPC Organs of China Earthquake AdministrationFrom September 28 to 29, 2015, the 8th congress of the Communist Party of China organs directly subordinated to China Earthquake Administration was held solemnly in Hongfu Plaza in Beijing. The Institute of Geology (IGL) sent 27 members to the ...

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